Homeschool Resources – Free 2014 Winter Olympics Country Book

It’s Time for the… 2014 Winter Olympic Games!
We have a fun project for your kids to work on during the Sochi Winter Olympic Games that will give them an outlet for their creative energy after they have expended their physical energy trying some of their twirling stunts or sprinting feats across your living room floor.
My Country Book
will help your children record their favorite Olympic moments while reinforcing their geography knowledge and providing an interesting keepsake notebook to enjoy when it is finished.
Country and Flag Flashcards
are included for all 195 countries of the world. These colorful flashcards will be used to build out the country pages of your student’s notebook with their favorite Olympic atheletes.
Olympic World Map
An Olympic World Map is also included for your student’s reference as they watch the Parade of Nations and enjoy learning about the countries of the world. Print on notebook sized paper or even larger to post to your wall.
Complete Instructions
are included so that you can help your kids get off to a great start in assembling and filling out their Olympic Country Book as you celebrate with the world during the 2014 Winter Olympic Games.

Packaging Station

5. Packaging Station

If your kitchen has enough room, you might also create a Packaging Station where you can easily package leftovers or pre-prepared recipe ingredients. You might choose to buy sets of special plastic or glass food storage bin sets for your leftovers, some have color-coordinated lids and even places to date the food. Some foods are more easily stored in plastic bags, and leftovers that will be tomorrow’s lunch can simply be kept on a plate and covered with foil or plastic wrap.

In any event, the best place for your packaging supplies is somewhere near the sink and refrigerator. A cupboard with your storage containers neatly stacked and a dedicated drawer or a bin mounted inside the door for your plastic bags and plastic and aluminum foil wraps is ideal.

Quickly and properly packaging foods ensures that they don’t spoil and that can save a lot of the ever-increasing food budget. And if you can quickly and easily get the leftovers out of your casserole dishes and into the refrigerator or freezer and the dishes into the sink to soak quickly you will find cleanup much faster and more efficient.


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