We just opened a package from the mail, and it was a jar of Reese’s spreads – Peanut butter and chocolate flavor!

Chocolate spread is a big hit around here, it often goes on peanut butter sandwiches instead of jam or honey. But one of the suggestions the card that came with the jar suggested to put it on apple slices. Joshua tried that and announced that Reese’s peanut butter/chocolate spread now has to have a permanent spot on our grocery shopping list! He gave me a taste, and I immediately updated our list.


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Superfood Christmas Tree Salad – The Big Health Recipe Challenge by The Health Bay

Motherhood Diaries massively enjoys creative cooking and coming up with new recipes, especially recipes that transform into super healthy and entertaining dishes that both adults and kids can enjoy. The Health Bay are currently running a competition…

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5 Super Healthy and Cold Busting Smoothies using the Breville Blend-Active Family Pack – Product Review

We were very lucky to have received an awesome Breville Blend-Active Family Pack, which is a nifty little blender that comes with a selection of bottles that you can blend your ingredients in and drink on-the-go. There are various different sizes to…

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Signing Time Christmas Collection Review

Signing Time Christmas Collection Review My three year old hasn’t said a single word for almost a year now.  He was on track and doing great then at 18 months everything changed.  This summer we received his Non-Verbal Autism diagnosis.  He…

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5 Ideas to Keep the Kids Entertained in Bad Weather

It’s happened to the best of us. You have planned a fun-packed day out in the great outdoors with the family and then the weather plays spoilsport. You become distressed and frantically try and think of something that will keep the children occupied…

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Internet Saftey and Your Family “Safety Matters”

Are you tuned in to what’s occurring, on your laptop or computer once you aren’t there? It’s necessary that we have  to shield our kids on-line. Just saying don’t click this or share that is not enough these days. Many have gotten clever in louring…

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